Nice 3D Prints


3D print

With a 3D print you get a very concrete picture of your product. At IDnA, we therefore have the technologies to have your 3D design printed, so that you are one step closer to an end product. At this stage of the design process, we ensure that the product is optimized based on extensive discussion. By manufacturing this 3D print, you may already notice some strengths or weaknesses, on which we can then make the necessary corrections.

A clear image of your product with a 3D print

By having a 3D design printed, we are one step closer to developing a prototype . This 3D print is printed in layers, so we speak of a special accuracy. At IDnA we regularly update our 3D printer fleet with the latest technologies. We also have various materials, colors and techniques. By printing the 3D design you have a tangible example of your product and you may get ideas for adjustments to optimize the end product. Therefore, let yourself be assisted in this process by experienced IDnA employees.

The entire process in safe hands

At iDNA there are many more possibilities than just having a 3D design printed. We want to help you every step of the way from product design , from idea to production. Therefore, count on nothing less than experienced experts who point you in the right path to an excellent end product. Contact us by calling 03 289 34 16 .


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